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Concord NC Metal Fabrication Specialist
Scott Waters

Here you will get to know a little about me and how Steel Works  Unlimited was formed.

My name is Scott Waters (SSWaters on 4x4 websites), founder and owner of Steel Works Unlimited.  Steel Works Unlimited was started in 2005 out of an idea from my wife and friends.  I was fabricating products and repairing items for people due to my interest in welding and four wheel drives.  After quite a few "you ought to start a business"  I did just that by forming Steel Works Unlimited.  Primarily I do custom work and repairs, if it's drawn I can usually make it.  I have created many unique items, such as stands for the SAWA Lumberjack series, stainless steel griddles for the Race Way Ministries, lamps, flower pot holders, swing stands, diff guards, flame cut names and the list goes on.

Examples are pictured in the photo link section above under Scrap Yard and Timber Sports.

On the 4x4 side I fabricate and part out 4x4's at different times.  The axles I usually sell  are in the following group;  D60's, GM14 Bolt's and Rockwell 2.5's, however I am always looking for unique vehicles and items.

Please refer to the photo link section above and select Monster Garage and Salvage Yard for examples of this type of work.

My skills came from modifying mine and others 4x4's since 1980.  Four years of fiber glassing, welding and fabricating as a steeplejack.  I have spent the last twenty-years as a licensed A&P maintaining private and corporate aircraft.  I will guarantee every weld (MIG/TIG), if broken please return the item and I will rework the area to your satisfaction.

Timber Sport stands are available within a 3 week lead time.  They require a nonrefundable 50% deposit before fabrication begins.

Road Rakers are usually available and only ocme in metallic blue.

All other work is custom requiring descriptions and estimates.  Shipping and local tax to be added to final products.

Closed the months of January, June and December.

Thank you for your interest in Steel Works Unlimited,