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Steel Works Unlimited; Concord North Carolina Fab Shop

Located just out side Charlotte North Carolina, Concord's very own welding and fabrication shop Steel Works Unlimited.  Steel Works Unlimited specializes in 4x4 modification, MIG/TIG welding, axle refurbish, lumber jack equipment and all types of metal fabrication. 

Over 20 years experience in 4x4 modification, fabrication and welding.  If you have scrap metal and would like to see something made out of it, steel works unlimited is your one stop shop. 

No need to travel to the salvage yard looking for scrap metal, let Steel Works Unlimited locate your next junk yard treasure.

To find out a little more about Steel Works Unlimited and the services offered please be sure to visit the about link at the top of the page.

Photo section is broken up into four categories:
Monster Garage where you will see some very cool 4x4 photos,
Salvage Yard offers axle restore photos,
Timber Sports photos of standing blocks, underhands, dawgs and other equipment.
Scrap Metal photos of everything from a steel drum to stainless steel griddles.

Please be sure to contact Steel Works Unlimited with any metal or 4x4 questions you may have.